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The US organic shrimp market is niche, with 45,000 metric tons of potential - 08.22.18

Today’s consumers are willing to pay a premium for organic shrimp

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Nervous about cooking Salmon? - 08.15.18

Here are 4 ways to help...

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US fisheries report reveals all-time-low numbers of overfishing, overfished stocks - 08.10.18

Evolving quotas for fisheries, as well as determining stocks, will require diligence from NOAA and other management agencies

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Pollution and overfishing top seafood consumers’ concerns - 08.09.18

A new study suggests seafood consumers across the globe are united in thinking that the biggest threat to the oceans is pollution, followed by overfishing.

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83% of seafood consumers worldwide thinks we must protect resources for future generations. - 08.08.18

About 72% of seafood consumers demands sustainability from supermarkets, according to MSC

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Japanese seven-spice calamari - 08.08.18

Pull together your own Japanese marinade featuring the classic ginger-soy power duo with a traditional Japanese spice mix to pack a punch.

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Top 5 Retail Seafood Trends of 2017 - 01.13.17

We at Raw Seafoods love to pass on seafood industry news that other's might find valuable. Read what SeafoodSource News thinks the trends for 2017 might be...

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